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PS VR Arch Charger


Charging station for PS4 & PS Move controllers

  • Charging station for two original PS4 controllers and two PS Move controllers
  • Compatible with  PS Move controllers
  • A high-power dual-plug USB cable
  • USB charging cable included
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PS VR Carrying Case


Carrying Case for VR Headsets

  • Carrying bag compatible with most selling Virtual Reality Headsets
  • Quality materials and logical organization ensure your headset is stored safely
  • A flex wall separates accessories and cables from the headset and provides protection
  • Integrated handle in comfortable nylon and high resistance zips
  • Pouch cables organizer
  • Nylon handle with NiTHO logo embroidery
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PS VR Move Charging Station


Charging Station for PS MOVE

  • Charging Station for 2 controllers PS Move
  • USB Charging Cable to connect with PS4 consoles
  • 2 Extra USB sockets to recharge additional controllers
  • USB Charging Cable included
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PS VR Stand


Stand & Cable management for PS VR

  • Stand compatible with PS VR headset
  • Cable management
  • Ambient LED lights
  • USB cable included