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NSW Console Dock Pro


Portable Dock with battery for NSW

  • Docking Station compatible with NSW Console
  • Hosts and Charges the Console with original home adapter
  • LED power indicator with charging status
  • 4000mAh Li-ion built-in battery pack
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NSW Dual Charger Pro


Two in One Charging Station for switch® controllers

  • Two charging setups:
    • Charges and hosts four Joy-Con™ controllers
    • Charges and hosts two Joy-Con™ controllers plus one Pro Controller
  • Five LEDs indicating the charging status
  • USB Charging cable included
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NSW V-Grip Handle


V-shape grip handle for Joy-Con™

  • V-Shape grip handle for NSW Joy-Con™ controllers
  • Two ways to use: (1) Console grip (2) Joy-Grip
  • Grip enhancer improves comfort during playing
  • Special angle replicates the gaming experience of a gamepad
  • 4 LEDs replicated to check battery status and channel
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NSW Grip Handles


Set of two Handles for Joy-Con™ Controllers

  • Set of two grip handles compatible with Switch® Joy-Con™ L+R
  • Special “butterfly” shape front buttons allow playing in full comfort
  • Joy-Con LEDs replica placed on the front
  • Protects, improves the grip and provides greater accuracy
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NSW Racing Wheel


Ergonomic Wheel for Joy-Con™ Controllers

  • Set of two oversized wheels for Switch® Joy-Con™ controllers
  • Two rear buttons with “butterfly” shape to improve ergonomics
  • Replicates the four LEDs indicating channels
  • Protects, improves grips and provides greater accuracy
  • Ergonomic design and easy to set up
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NSW Extender for Joy-Con™


ergonomic extenders for Joy-Con™ controllers

  • Set of two extenders compatible with Switch® Joy-Con™ controllers
  • Ergonomic design ensures a firm grip and great comfort
  • Top buttons special edge-design to be pushed only when needed
  • LEDs visible from the front side
  • Wrist straps included
  • Wrist straps more comfortable than the originals
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NSW Armour Case for Switch™ Console


Eva carrying case for Switch™ console

  • Dedicated pocket for accessories
  • Special soft touch sleeve protect the Switch™ console
  • Made of super light and resistant carrying case
  • Strap to pull out console easily
  • Elastic band to keep console firm
  • High-quality resistant zipper