The “new generation” consoles are coming. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are going to be launched this Christmas.
We are facing a new world and a new era for videogames. After some more “quiet” moments, the market is going to boom and rock again.
NITHO has developed a fantastic range of accessories, conceived and created internally. Thanks to our “lab”. We are the first worldwide to propose such accessories. Let’s start from PS4, next week we will be sending Xbox One line up.
Pls see/download them from this LINK: Canvass_PS4.pptx

Here we are with some notes:
GFX512 GAMER’S HEADSET: the definitive headset for professional gamers. Dolby Digital 7.1 compliant. Compatible with PS4, PS3, PC, X360, and also mp3, tablets, smartphones.
GHS512 GAMER’S HEADSET: another excellent headset, with adjustable angles, microphone, swivable pads, volume & audio controls, compatible with PS4, PS3, PC, X360, and also mp3, tablets, smartphones.
GHS412 GAMER’S HEADSET: headset compatible with PS4, PS3, PC, X360, and also mp3, tablets, smartphones.
Bluetooth PRO Headset: new CSR-chipset headset with special (recharging & stand) docking station and 3 ways to set up (mono-ear hook-neck holder). Provided with comfort hook and mono auricolar headset.
CHARGING STATION PRO HUB: charging station for 2 PS4 gamepads + 4 ports hub. Charge and LINK your peripherals at best.
CHARGING STATION: charging station for 2 gamepads only. No hubs, here.
HUB 5x: another “classic” from NITHO. This PS4 hub provides also a 3.0 USB port. Fantastic to manage all PS4 peripherals together.
DUAL CHARGING SUPER SOFT CABLE: dual Charging Cable with the innovative SUPER SOFT technology, very morbid and flexible. Can charge and play at the same time.
ARMOR BAG: special Bag for PS4 Gamepad and its accessories including a comfort charging cable 3m. Made with the very special and unique carbon fiber material and Super Eva put together (super resistant but very light at the same time). With water proof zipper.
CARBON DUAL ARMOR CASE: special case for PS4 Gamepad in Carbon Fiber and Super EVA and water proof zipper
PS4 ESSENTIALS KIT: starter kit for PS4 with silicone for PS4 gamepad, screen protector for touch pad, soft card, 2 analog stick silicone caps and cleaning cloth.
HDMI cable “high speed” 2mt with innovative “Super Soft technology” and dual color cover. Available also in “super net” technology (and Super Soft at the same time).