Here we are with latest NITHO product proposition, a collection of some new HOT accessories and ideas to boost your emotions and gameplay on this coming Spring!
Ranger-Special Forces line, NITHO license for “army-style” products. With: air pad wireless ps3-pc, corded pad ps3-pc and X360-ps3 “Smart” pad, all coming together with dedicated “Army pins”. NITHO is also providing the same “army” customization for Ps2 pad and for PC pad as well. Not to mention a full collection of “armor cases” provided with detachable “Ranger” badges and security carabineer, compatible with X360-PC, Wii U, 3DS XL, PS Vita/PSP E-1000. Last but not least, here we go with Armor kists compatible with PS Vita-PSP and 3DS XL with camouflage earphones, keychain, screen protectors, cleaning cloth…
HUB 5X SS, one of the first products worldwide compatible with new PS3 Super Slim, the new PS3 release from SONY. This hub, coming from the past HUB 5X, is perfectly fitting to new console and also PS3 Slim and PS3 “fat” first version…
HUB 5X SS COLORS: another “premiere” for NITHO users, this is the new PS3 Super Slim HUB available also in COLORS (white, blu, red) because of the launch of colored Super Slim consoles in several worldwide markets.
Dock Charger: another PS3 Super Slim compatible product! This item is compatible just with Super Slim console, with a more aggressive price. “Old” Dock Charger for PS3 and Move will go “phasing out”.
Wireless Shock pad and Shock pad COLORS, same concept as above: we are proposing COLORED versions of our standard gamepads (compatible PS3-PC, provided with Dual Shock 3 function) because of new colored consoles
U Dock Pro, fantastic docking & charging station for Wii U (available also more basic U Dock)
U Supercharger Pro, another terrific charging solution for Wii U (available also more basic U Supercharger)
U Crystal Case, able to protect Wii U gamepad, provided with standing function as well…the best U crystal case in the market!
Twin Dock, simple but performing charging & docking station for 2 Wii U/Wiimotes.
3 in 1 Techno Headset, restyling and new release for NITHO’s blockbuster 3-in-1 Gamer’s Headsets with cheaper price and a few features less (but technology is the same)
Carrying Case Skylanders: a very practical case to host Skylanders action figures, compatible with all platforms thanks to internal dividers
Super Touch Pack: really universal stylus
Mobiliy Pack XL: now with DSi XL shape/compatibility
EVA Case XL: now with DSi XL shape/compatibility
NITHO Mobile. This is a brand new line up, not to be confused with our Premium Line, which targets the excellence in terms of quality and performances. NITHO Mobile is a basic and very aggressive new line up, that will surely raise your attention. Pls see new  Charge All Portables, Charge All Pack, Stereo Headset, Stereo earphone + microphone, Sport Armband, Case i5 and Sleeve i5.
NITHO…brings you total entertainment!