We want to drive your attention to our fantastic CORSA, the definitive racing seat for videogames, coming from Italian design & passion for racing! CORSA is a racing simulator seat with some unique key factors:
Compatible with the top wheels in the market (Logitech G27, Thrustmas T500 most of all…)
– The most compact retailer packaging in the world
– The only one that can be stored “standed” to save a lot of space
– Almost “plug & play” with easy assembling procedure in “IKEA-style”
– Now even ligther and more compact (only 23 Kg total weight)
Corsa is available in BLACK but also in 3 new fantastic colors, red (GranTurismo Rossa), blue (Blue Rally) and Black & Yellow (Overdrive version).
There are also some nice accessories available, CAMBIO (gearshift deck for Logitech’s G27), Visio (TV or LCD monitor support) and also an adaptor that makes Corsa compatible with even more wheels. See CORSA sheets from this link:
Fasten your seatbelt with NITHO Corsa!