NITHO Drive PRO V16 wheel has just been awarded by an important German magazine, PC Games Hardware. The product got the award because of its unbeatable ratio between quality and convenient price. This comes along with NITHO philosophy: delivering high tech products without burning our users’ wallets. And Drive PRO V16 is exactly a hi-end item, with 270° steering wheel, tri-standard (PS3-PS2-PC), fully programmable and vibrating.With metal and rubber finishing. Nice design with ergonomic shape, in perfect “Gran Turismo” style.

Il volante NITHO DRIVE PRO V16 è stato premiato da un’ importante rivista tedesca, “PC Games Hardware”.
Il prodotto ha ottenuto il premio grazie ad un imbattibile rapporto tra qualità e prezzo.
Questo si riconduce alla filosofia di NITHO: fornire prodotti ad alta tecnologia senza svuotare il portafoglio dei nostri acquirenti.
Drive Pro V16 è esattamente un prodotto Hi-end, con un volante con capacità di angolazione 270°, compatibile con tre piattaforme (PS3-PS2-PC), completamente programmabile e dotato della funzione di vibrazione.
Caratterizzato da rifiniture gommate ed in metallo. Con un bel disegno ed una forma ergonomica, in perfetto stile “Gran Turismo”.

Nitho Drive Pro 16 wurde gerade durch ein wichtiges deutsches Magazin, PC Games Hardware, ausgezeichnet.
Das Produkt erhielt diese Auszeichnung aufgrund seines unschlagbaren Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnisses.
Dies entspricht der NITHO-Philosophie: Wir liefern High-Tech-Produkte zu einem fairen Preis.
Und Drive Pro 16 V ist exakt solch ein Qualitätsprodukt, mit einem 270°-Lenkrad, tri-standart (PS3-PS2-PC), voll programmierbar und vibrierend. Mit Metall- und Gummibeschichtung.
Tolles Design in ergonomischer Form in perfektem , Gran Turismo“-Style.

O volante NITHO DRIVE PRO V16 foi premiado por uma importante revista Alema, “PC Games Hardware”.O produto  obteve o premio graças a uma imbativel relaçao entre qualidade e preço. Isto confirma a filosofia de NITHO: fornecer produtos de alta tecnologia sem esvaziar a carteira de nossos compradores. Drive Pro V16 è exatamente um produto Hi-end, com um volante com capacidade de angulaçao de 270°, compativel com tres plataformas (PS3-PS2-PC), completamente programaveis e dotadas da funçao de vibraçao. Caracterizado de acabamento em goma e em metal. Com um belo desenho de forma ergonomica, em perfeito estilo “Gran Turismo”.

Drive PRO V16 的确是一款高科技产品。它有着270° 旋转方向盘,三重兼容性,按键编排合理且具备震感。符合人体工程力学的完美设计,绝对的一款“Gran Turismo”


  1. Hi I have just purchesed this steering wheel for F1 2011 for R799. I tried to adjust the settings of the buttons but don’t seem to be able to use the accelerator and gear shift propely as they are assignend to the same key [X]. I’m disapointed on the reaction time of the accelerator. The only thing nice with the steering wheel is the look.

    • Hi Dwain,
      did you already set the sensitivity wheel ?
      you can improve the function buttons reactive time.

  2. no i just mean to ask that we can reposition it because stick near steering is not convenient but u clear my dought so thanks

  3. Dear Gavin,
    the cd is for PC, on the manual there is written how to settle all commands.
    thanks to wrote us.

  4. I am also disappointed as I thought this wheel is compatible with the F1 game. Also the sensitivity does not work well for me. The slowest is still too fast.

  5. Thanks Laura, the wheel can only be set up as a controller, the WHEEL section is greyed out on the screen.

  6. you can set up the sensitivity, do you have the manual ? there are all the instructions to set the right and customize wheel sentitivity. If you don’t have the manual, please write me your e-mail address and I will send it to you by e-mail. BR

  7. Dear Manoj,
    with drive pro wheel version, the buttons have the clutch function.
    The pedals have these functions: accelerator and gear.

  8. Hi … i bought the nitho drive pro v16 … ive played most games like nfs and gran taurismo 5 but the under steering paddles can only be aligned the same functions as the foot break n acceleration paddles … this is very annoying as i want to play with understeering paddles working as manual shift buttons and not as gas n break .. pls can it be rectified ? And also how do i align different functions to foot paddles and different to under steering wing paddles?

  9. I am unable to get into the settings for the wheel or pedals. The pedals only operate the up and down menu functions. Is it because i am using the hdmi cable? No, I do not have any manuals….

  10. how do i set the accelerator to work in F1 2012, it doesnt want to accept in F1, only R2 is going

    • Hi Kobus ,

      you must set the pedals and you must set the game menu functions… each game setting is different

      if you have other problems, please write me to this e.mail address :

      On the wheel manual you can see the pedals setting…

      in any case please write me if you have problems about it


  11. Hi Laura ,
    the manual actually helped .. now i am able to configure the wheel paddles …

    Thanks from India 🙂

    • Hi Abhinav !!

      i’m so happy… great !!

      follow us also on facebook, on Nitho India page !

      Have a great day !!

  12. Hi, i bought the nitho drive v16 steering wheel but cant seem to change the function of the buttons (PC) (square,x and gear shifter ) all these buttons do the same as the accelerator and the steps provided in the manual dont work to solve the problem, i am running windows 7 on the samsung r580 laptop please i need help asap

    • Hi !
      on control panel should be a way to set all buttons
      very strange
      could you check better on PC control panel, you ‘ll be able to set all commands
      let us know
      write us to this e-mail address directly :

  13. Hi Laura,
    I am planning on buying this wheel soon. But wanted to know some info

    1) Are the pedals linearly resistant? (i.e. accelerator or brake are proportional to the amount of pressure applied)
    2) Size of the wheel
    3) Any new model coming up?


  14. Does it use USB?
    And if it does, then how many ports does it require?
    And how will we *program* the wheel (set the buttons to do stuff) on PC?

  15. Thanks for the fast response and documentation.
    Now my only doubt is that are the pedals analog? Ill also buy it if they arent but im just a bit curious…

  16. Dear Sir,

    no problem, it’s a pleasure.

    we confirm you that the pedals are analog.


  17. One thing, I also have a PC with no CD/DVD Drive.. Is there a way to download the drivers?

  18. Dear Laura,
    I would like to buy this driving wheel but my doubt is, will this wheel gives the same performance when attached to pc as it gives in ps2 or ps3? Because I have only pc. And also can you send me the full manual of this wheel to my email id?
    Have a nice day dude!!

    • Dear parthiban ( I this this is your name contact 🙂
      thank you for your request, yes the wheel has the same technical performance on PC as the other devices, I mean vibration function and driving feedback, in any case I can send you the manual by e-mail
      Thank you

  19. Dear Laura,
    Thanks for your quick response for my comment.You are great. Got the manual what you have sent me. Thanks a load. Will this wheel supports NFS most wanted? Because I dont have graphic card and need to buy it in upcoming days. Till then I need to play this NFS most wanted as it does not requires any graphic card. Give your suggestion regarding this as soon as possible so that it might be useful for me to place an order. Also I am confused about which graphic card to use, if you are not mistaking me please give your suggestion on graphic card that supports top rated racing games and simulation games and costs within rs.5000 (in flipcart website)

  20. Dear Laurs,
    Thanks for your quick response.Got the manual what you have sent me. Thanks a load. Will this wheel supports NFS most wanted? Because I dont have graphic card and need to buy it in upcoming days. Till then I need to play this NFS most wanted as it does not requires any graphic card. Give your suggestion regarding this as soon as possible so that it might be useful for me to place an order. Also I am confused about which graphic card to use, if you are not mistaking me please give your suggestion on graphic card that supports top rated racing games and simulation games and costs within rs.5000 (rated in flipcart website)

  21. Dear Laura,
    In the manual there they specified that the product supports only xp or vista. But mine is win7. So is there any other go? or else i should shift my win7 to win xp? Please also comment on it.

  22. How do we gear shift if there are more than 3 Gears rather than only UP, DOWN and Reverse?
    And is it windows 7 compatible?

  23. Dear madam, I play lot of truck driving games, is it compatible with those 18 wheels of steel series games.

  24. Is there any video review about this product. Unboxing,and game play,forcefeedback. At least a DEMO just to know the product how good when playing.

    • Dear Sir,

      I’m sorry video no at the moment, we have product sheet. You can download from the product page on nitho web site or you can give me your e-mail address, I can send it to you .


  25. Hi. I just purchased the Nitho drive pro v16 and can’t get the force feedback to work on GT5. PLEASE HELP!?

  26. Dear madam,
    I have not yet brought the steering wheel,but I read all the comments.
    Reading the comments I came to know that the settings are different for each game.I will buy it if you give me answers to this two questions:-

    1.Is this wheel compatible for all nfs games?

    2.Are the gears really works for the following functions-up,down,reverse.

    thank you,



    • Dear Sir,

      this wheel is compatible with the most driving games.

      Yes you can set all digital commands.


  27. Dear Madam

    I am trying to play Need For Speed Shift but it is not recognizing my Nitho Drive Pro V16 at all. How do I make it work in this game?

    • Dear Sir,

      You should set game functions in order to recognize the right device in use

      let us know, the game should recognize it.

      did you also get the wheel manual instructions ?

      Thank you


  28. I am strugling to connect the Drive Pro V16 to a windows 7 laptop, think it has to do with callibration or something. Could I please have the manual emailed to me.


  29. Hello,

    I am looking forward on buying this racing wheel but I wanted to know if it will be compatible with the upcoming games and can you please send me some help regarding the process of assigning functions too buttons.

    • Dear Shrey

      this wheel is compatible with most of racing games

      if you want I can send you the manual

      Thank you


  30. Good day

    Console: PS3
    Game: F1 2011

    I would like to know if I can set wheel to allow me to make the pedals and the gears behind the wheel to be different?

    In F1 or any other game I prefer to use those as my gears as I can’t afford to drive and change gears with one hand. It has to be behind the steering wheel.

    If I try this then it deselects the pedals because the PS3 sees them as the same. Can I set it to be different?


  31. Hi I just want to know if it is compatible with Race Driver Grid. A game by Codemasters

    • Dear Reaper,

      sorry for delay, Drive pro V26 is compatible with the most of racing driving games, so I also think with that game, even if I don’t know it directly.


    • Dear Eustace,

      did you get the manual?, in the manual you can read all instructions to do that, in case I can send it to you.


  32. dear madam,
    I’ve bought your drive pro v16. I’m using it in Pc.The problem i’m encountering is many of the functions are allotted to same button like paddle shift is with accelerator both read as number 3. i cant recalibrate them seperately.
    And there is no information regarding force feedback in your manual. how to enable it.
    thank you

    • Dear Yog,

      you can set all commands properly through manual instructions.

      For first, if you use it with PC, you must install CD driver in the pack enclosed.

      Than in manual instructions there is written which operative pc systems this Wheel and this driver can support.


  33. thanx laura,
    But i cant get the force feedback in my pc.
    i get it in my PS but not in my pc or laptop. and as it says to how to recalibrate/swap button in manual.
    even after i swap the paddle shifts with L2 and R2 it still reads the same button 3.
    I mean 3 for both accelerator and paddle.
    Dont forget to answer my Question Force Feedback.
    With regards

  34. Dear Laura,
    When I use it in PS. the braking and acceleration are working as per analog,i.e the amount of pressure i give it it responds to it,but on PC it ain’t the same.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Yog,

      you should follow manual instructions to set all commands for PC. Did you install cd driver and did you follow all instructions for PC ?
      Than are you sure you followed all instructions to relocate buttons ?
      It should work, very strange

  35. Dear mam,
    i bought nitho drive pro V16 yesterday but i did ‘nt get any cd with it… can u send me the installation file link so tat i can download

  36. Dear Laura,
    first of all thank you for your patience and support.
    let’s leave this button calibration apart.
    I just want to make sure why the acceleration pedal is working as a button in PC.
    when i use it in my Playstation the amount of pressure i apply on my pedal, the speed increases proportionally.
    but in PC even if i touch it just accelerates fully.
    duno why?
    just help me with this alone.
    i’m requesting for PC Laura both acceleration and barke pedals are working as same.
    Thanks laura in advance

  37. Dear Yog,
    I sent you an e-mail, you can see a file with which you can set pedals axis by PC.

  38. wow…
    thank you so much Laura. Works great.
    I owe you big time.
    Thanx again for your patience

  39. Hi,

    I’m using Windows 7 and the manual you provided with the wheel says it is compatabile with XP,2000 and Windows 7 missing in the list. I tried to configure the wheel in my PC but it did not get recognized. Could you please help?

    R. Srinivasan.

  40. I Have the same PRoblem as Yog … please provide me with the instructions…
    Thank You Very Much!

  41. Dear madam,
    Nitho Drive pro does not accelerate proportionally to the amount of pressure you apply on the accelerator in PC! Please Provide me with the necessary solutions..
    Many thanks!

  42. hey, can u plzzz tell me how to change settings in nitho drive pro v16. i cant drive the car with accelatare, i am fed of dis why bcoz i am holding gear and then driving the cars so i cant drive it i am confusing i am searching in all sites so plzz reply fast guys. may god will bless u and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! thank u fast reply

  43. Dear Laura, my PC is not recognizing the pedals as analog. The drivers recognize them as buttons. PLZ helpp!!

  44. hey I just bought this wheel but my windows is recognising it as a ps gamepad because of that I am not able to get force feedback and I have to reinstall the drivers when I restart my pc and I am using windows 8 pro 64bit

    • Hi, did you install the driver?. If Yes, you must set the right device in use, through your panel control .

    • Hi Gaurav, in the instructions manual there are operative systems compatibilities , I saw not for Windows 8 .. please have a look at it!

  45. Hi,
    I purchased the Nitho Pro V16 steering wheel for my PC two weeks ago and I am having quite a bit of trouble with it. First of all the steering is very sensitive – if I move the steering wheel a few degrees the car turns almost 90 degrees and the sensitivity switch does not work. How can I adjust the steering sensitivity? Secondly my windows XP reads the accelerator / brake pedals as digital switches and not as analog outputs. How can I change this? I have installed the driver correctly and read the manual but cannot solve these problems. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hi Raghu, you can set the sensitivity, in manual instructions there is written and also you can set the pedals through your panel control.
      Please let me know, in case you can ask the manual to this e-mail address:

  46. Hi Laura,

    I’ve read your manual 10 times and still can’t solve my problems.

    1) How do I set the steering sensitivity? The sensitivity switch doesn’t work and there is nothing in the control panel to adjust.

    2) Both accelerator and brake pedals are read as digital switches and NOT as analog. How do I change this?


  47. Hi,my pc is not recognizing the pedals as analog.the pedals are working as digital switch..pls guide me.

  48. hi,thanks for the previous support laura,i also have problem of force feedback in my drive pro v16 wheel.i cant feel any feed back..i tried it on nfs and hard truck 18 wheels…pls help me..

  49. Hi,
    My drive pro v16 on pc, the accelerator and brake pedals is reading as digital switches 3 & 4 and not as analog. How do I change this.Please help.

  50. Hi Laura

    I have a similar issue as the people above. I bought this wheel a couple days ago, the wheel is perfect except one thing, the pedals show up as normal buttons and not analog controls. Would you kindly help me set these pedals correctly for PC or maybe point me to a proper manual as the manual that came with the wheel doesn’t help?

    Kind Regards

  51. I wonder if this issue with the pedals being configured as digital at first is a common Nitho thing. I’m struggling with the same issues with my new v512 Drive Pro, currently awaiting a reply from Laura for a workaround. Surely they you post a blog update about it, as many folk out there purchase it for use with PC. I’m also very suprised that Nitho doesn’t have PC utility built into their drivers that allows you to actively switch between the 2 modes, especially for PC(I guess something similar to what Logitech has)

  52. Hi purchased the nitho drive pro v16 but the pedals are not as analog but only as buttons please assist(windows 7).and how do i get force feedback to work? thanks

  53. Hi,

    I bought the Nitho Drive pro V16 but I am facing the same issue of pedals. Pedals are detected as digital switches by windows 7. please assist to make this work as analog pedals and how to activate the force feedback

    Kind Regards

  54. I too hav the same problem, the wheel is perfect except one thing, the pedals show up as normal buttons and not analog controls. Would you kindly help me set these pedals correctly for PC

  55. Hi, I recently bought a NITHO DRIVE PRO v16….the wheel is working fine but the avvelarator pad and the brakes(pedals) won’t work.neither do the gear shifters..the gear stick doesn’t do its job and instead whenever I use it, it pauses the game…I’ve tried re-installing but the problem persists!!!..I want to reasign the buttons to different functions…..pls help….need help for pc only!!!

  56. Hi Laura

    Need some help. I have the same issue as yog. I cannot control the pressure of the acceleration and brakes. Once the accelerator is tapped the car accelerates on full throttle instead of gradually increasing.

    Please help !


  57. I recently purchased the drive pro and am experiencing the same problem that many other people here have. Laura, can you please post a response here to help solve the issue of pedals (which should read as axes) behaving as buttons.

    • Dear Theo,

      If you are talking about PC use, when it is connected to the PC, the pedals are in analogic mode, and only have the annalogic mode.


  58. Dear mam,
    I m in trouble. I cannot relocate my nitho drive pro v16 buttons in window xp. Therefor kindly send me a link to downloada demo/nitho sheet/ tutorial or something else whichwill help to the new user or beginners to the gaming wheel. When i install the driver CD that comes with the nitho package and after going to the controller setting in the control pannel,there was three tabs i.e. test page, calibration page, effect page. Tell me plzz which page i will find to relocate the buttons and How.
    Thank u so much. Reply soon plzz

  59. I also have the same problem, the pedals show up as normal buttons and not analog controls on Windows 7


    • Dear Prasad,

      when it is connected to the PC, the pedals are in analogic mode, and only have the annalogic mode.


  60. Dear mam,

    I have also same problem as above my pedals are reading as button 3&4.How can i set as an analog or axis plese reply soon.if there is somethin except a manual comed with my nitho drive pro v16 please send me to this email fast

    • Dear Subham,

      when it is connected to the PC, the pedals are in analogic mode, and only have the analogic mode.

      Did I answer to your question?


  61. hi,am using the drive pro v16 for ps3….i find that there seems to be a small lag while playing nfs most wanted….anyone have any views on this…also any specific settings for the wheel as gran turismo 5 prologue wont recognise my wheel….

  62. Dear Laura,

    I have The exact same problem as Yog with the pedals working as buttons and not as an axis or analog on PC, you sent him a file proving to solve this problem. If Possible would you please send me that file, to change my pedals of my drive pro V16 on PC to axis or analog.


  63. I am also having the problem that the PC is seeing the pedals as buttons and not analog. How do I fix this. Please help me

    • Dear Riaan

      when it is connected to the PC, the pedals are in analogic mode, please receive by e-mail a file which can help you


  64. Hi Laura,

    I have the exact same problems as Yog with the pedals acting as buttons and not as axis.
    You sent him a file the solved this problem. Would you please send me the file as well so that I
    can change my pedals to axis of my Drive Pro V16 on PC.


  65. Hi Laura,

    I need help. I have the same issue as many users here .In my PC (I use windows 7) once the accelerator is tapped the car accelerates on full throttle instead of gradually increasing.Same things with break.Both the
    accelerator and break working as a digital key instead of analog key.


    • Dear Abhinaba

      you can set and customize only the wheel sensitivity as buttons setting please receive by e-mail this file


  66. Hi laura ,

    Sorry i mistype my email last time.So i have got the mail 😐

    I have the same problems as Yog ,acceleration pedal accelerates fully when i just touch it instead of increases speed proportionally
    You sent Yog a file the solved this problem. Would you please send me the file and the instruction as well

    my email id


  67. recenctly i bought this wheel it is awesome .i become addicted to it, but while am playing euro simulator 2 there is a delay in it ? can u mail tat file to me so tat i can check it? my mail id is thank u

    • Dear Anbu

      I think it depends from the game setting… anyway you can set wheel sensitivity, please have a look at the manual to customize it

  68. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for the reply.
    Yes i have tried it already but it is reproducing for all other games also. There is a delay of appx 500ms.

    Even I have the same problems as Yog and Abinaya has, but for me break pedal is not working in analog mode. If i press break pedal it is coming to zero instantly.

    is there any work around or patches?

  69. Laura, Still my problem is not solved. From the mail that you have sent i tried to change the setting. In the game properties if i steer my wheel i can see the reflection in that properties. But if i press acceleration or brake, there is no reflection in that properties. i can see only the light blinks. is this right behavior?
    or wil ther be any refection while pressing break / acceleration just like steer light/right ?

  70. Dear Anbu,
    I don’t understand this question, sorry, acceleration just like steer light/right ?
    You can set the wheel sensitivity, the break and accelerator pedals should work, I don’t understand why, I sent you the instructions to set it with pc… I don’t know really why… 🙁

  71. i have just bought this was very excited but unfortunately wheel doesnot response ,all other pedal ,break acceleration works but wheels doesnot please help ……. and just out of curiosity on the cover it seems that the channel led is turned on(blue color) but mine doesnot have any light does this means that mine is defective …please response

    • Dear Kali,

      it is very strange the pedal works but wheel not. The wheel got 4 leds indicating channel in use for PS3.

      did you follow manual instruction to set the wheel with PS3?


  72. Hi laura many thanks to you for quick response , I am using ps2 console, and frankly I dont understand the mannual set for ps2 particularly with pressing programme key and then some other key , Anyway ..could you please explain in detail the ps2 connection mannual, may be I am doing something wrong while connecting the set. Or do you sense some other problem with my wheel , thanks

  73. I just now bought a new drive pro v16, when I installed it and tried
    to play, it didn’t work even with nfs and euro truck simulator. and I
    didn’t get any kind of calibration window. I used the cd driver also.
    and help me to use the pedals as analog.
    specs: windows7 , 64bit, dell i3 laptop

  74. Is there any way to get the steering wheel to work on Windows 8? Has anyone managed this? It is a big steering wheel shaped brick for me until drivers for Windows 8 are released or there is a workaround to get it working in Windows 8 at least…

  75. Hi Laura,

    No need. I got it working in Windows 8 by uninstalling all Nitho Drivers. It now works. My issue is just like everyone else’s though – there is a delay of half a second with the wheel and the pedals act like buttons, so I’d appreciate some way to fix this.



    • Hi Shaun,

      ok thanks, we must check this problem, the wheel is launched not with windows 8 so we must check,


  76. Laura, you seemed to have a solution for others who had the same problems. It seems my issues are identical to theirs in that the pedals are acting like buttons and there is a delay between the wheel and the game. Hopefully whatever solutions you gave others will work for me too…

  77. Hello Laura,

    You are apparently the person to make contact with when it comes to the Drive Pro V16. Like many of your request above, I have purchased the V16 have Windows 7 and have the Pedals, Paddles and Buttons 3 & 4 all operating the same function. The X button on the wheel itself, the accelerator pedal and the right hand Paddle all light up number 4 when being applied. The Square button on the wheel itself, the brake pedal and the left hand side Paddle all light up number 3 when being applied. Both the accelerator and brake pedals are either 100% on when applied and not at varying degrees of pressure being applied as the light display indicates on the left or right side of the wheel housing unit. Changing gears using the lever operates buttons 7 and 8 making buttons L2 and R2 unusable. Please provide the driver, or relevant patch that would assist in making a most enjoyable product even more so. Many thanks

  78. Hey there. I just bought Nitho Pro V16. It works fine but there is only one problem regarding it. When i drive with default it steers to left a lil bit. So may i know what is the problem in it 🙁
    Laura hope you could solve my problem soon 🙁


    • Hi Jamez did you set the wheel sensitivity, or did you calibrate the buttons and commands? , if youdo that ( also please have a look at the manual setting, ) you should solve the prob lem, let me know, write me to :

      thanks !!!

  79. Laura thanx for the answer but the problem is regarding the wheel going to left even wen not even moved left. The car automatically goes left side and am not giving any movement to the wheel at all. I will try with other game. Hope it works 🙁


  80. Ok i guess it was a game bug. I can play nicely with other racing games. Laura can you please send me the files you have been giving others. bcz i cant play Euro Truck 2 with this wheels 🙁 Pedals dont work lol

    Thnx again


  81. Dear Jamez,

    you must calibrate the buttons and commands, it depends from the game you are using, you must set everytime the buttons when you change the game, please write me to :
    which file do you need ?
    I think it is only a setting and calibrate problem, you can solve it , setting the game with the wheel.

    Thank you


  82. Hello Laura,

    Could you please e-mail me the file that fixes the analog issue? Also, some buttons have the same designation as other buttons, for example, the right paddle, accelerator and square button light up the “3” light on the calibration page. Please help.


  83. Hi,
    I recently bought a Nitho Drive Pro v16 for my PS3. The wheel works fine but I am unable to change gears via the paddle shifts because they act exactly as the brake & gas pedals… Please… any help will be appreciated.

  84. Hi Laura, I own a Nitho Drive ProV16 and its a lot of fun playing GT5 with it on my PS3. But the butterfly paddles work like the brake/accelerator foot pedals. Could you please advise me on how to use the butterfly paddles for shifting gears on my PS3 ?
    Thanks and regards.

  85. Hi Laura.. you seem to be the one to go to for this.. I am having the same problem where my pedals on my Drive pro v16 are acting as buttons.. Please can you help me out with this?

    I downloaded the driver for it from

    Thank you!

    • Hi Mojo,

      I remember you this wheel with pc works only as analogue mode. To set properly all buttons, please you can have a look at the manual

      Thank you !

  86. Hey Laura.

    I have the Nitho drive pro but the pedals does not work in analogue. Please let me know how to fix this.

    Thanks much.

  87. Hi Laura

    Can you please provide me with the file to adjust my steering wheel. My pedals do not work as analogue only digital and I cannot reprogram anything.

    Thanks in advance.

  88. Hi Laura

    Can you please send me the manual and the file that you sent the others to solve the issues with this wheel please.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Chris, are you using it with PC ?
      with PC the wheel works in a unique mode, please see the setting table on the manual …
      Thank you

    • ok I send you the manual, but please remember that with pc, you can use the wheel only in a unique mode.
      see the setting table
      thank you

  89. I have NITHO DRIVE PRO 3 and I’m trying to play it on my ps3 with gran turismo 5 but the game won’t recognize. Help

  90. Hi Laura,
    I just bought NITHO DRIVE PRO V16. But unfortunately wheel doesn’t work at all, everything else is working as usual. The LEDs on wheel is not lit. I’m using it with Windows 7(64-bit). Tried reinstalling the driver but with no luck. Under the AXIS calibration tab, wheel sometimes shows slight movement but can’t play any games though; my car is circulating infinitely in GRID2. Please help.

  91. Very dissapointed ..the wheel is not working at all and when i push gas pad the car goes reverse,i am using on pc window 7(64 bit).please help

    • Hi !
      did you set properly all buttons as manual instructions?
      in case did you install driver which is in the pack ?

  92. Hi laura
    I hav similar problem like the above comment.the wheel is not working at all and when i push gas pad the car goes reverse,yes i hav installed the driver but no luck,i am using on pc window 7(64 bit).pleáase help

  93. Hey Laura
    I want to buy Nitho Drive Pro for my Play Station 2 ,but can you tell me that what are the compatible games,with Nitho Drive Pro?

    Is Need For Speed Underground 2 (Play Station 2) compatible with nitho drive pro?

    • Hi Anhad!
      Drive pro is compatible with PS2 so the game is for PS2, I think there should be not problems of compatibility.

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