Here we are with the new product propositions for NITHO gaming!
We are proposing a few, but exciting, new products. Pls download the related presentation from this LINK:
On PlayStation 4 we are proposing a mini-range of headphones, from terrific GHS512 to P412 (especially conceived for PS4) and Gamer’s, Stereo and Mono headsets. At last new
PS4 CHARGING STATION PRO HUB is available: here comes a hi-end version of the classical NITHO charging station for PS4. Not to mention NITHO PS4 CAMERA CLIP: safe system to plug PlayStation camera to your TV/LCD. Talking about cables, we are proposing DUAL CHARGE & PLAY COLOR CABLE (NITHO “charge & play concept” put together with NEW “anti-tangle” cable), LED CHARGE AND PLAY CABLE (same as above with LED and “anti-tangle” cable), the new PS4 ESSENTIALS KIT (we just improved the already existent PS4 KIT adding the earphones). Last but not least, “ARMOR” CASES: you already saw them, here you can find the fantastic & definitive “armor” texture!
On X Box One, let’s jump to the HUB 4X PRO. Another “NITHO unique” item, doubling and confirming the success of PS4 HUB, already launched and already in the market. RECHARGEABLE BATTERY is a new battery replacement for XB1 joypad. DUAL PLAYER BATTERY PACK, again NITHO “charge & play” concept…DUAL CHARGE AND PLAY COLOR CABLE, same as PS4…same also for LED CHARGE AND PLAY CABLE and CHARGE AND PLAY CABLE: same as PS4.
Not to mention our new XB1 CAMERA CLIP: safe system to plug Kinect camera to your TV/LCD
On Racing Line you can see CORSA’s (NITHO gaming chair)
2 new colors (Blue Rally and GranTurismo Rossa)
This new product batch includes
a fresh and exciting collection of “girlie” accessories compatible with 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS. Make your own customized devices thanks to stickers & become a fashion-artist!
On “portable consoles” we are proposing the new ALL DS DUAL HOME ADAPTER: charge 2 consoles at the same time! See also SUPER EVA ARMOR CASE, with adaptable frame to match 3DS XL and 3DS shapes at the same time. Similar concept for PSP and PS Vita. And EVA CASE 2DS, for new 2DS console
We are also reminding our line ups for PS4 and X Box One, already presented and launched in many countries!