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Fast n’ safe with NITHO “Corsa” and “Freccia” driving cockpits!

NITHO is proud to announce another terrific racing device: here comes “CORSA” driving cockpit. This is a realistic racing seat with fully adjustable driving position. Conceived through a long and deep engineering development process, and basing on Italian racing design, this cockpit’s features are the following:
- Extra stable Electrolysis aluminum chassis
- Easy to adjust driving position thanks to three different regulations
- Secure and fast set up with practical twisting knobs
- Suitable for child and adults thanks to the adjustable distance
- Compatible with all common consoles and PC steering wheel and pedal pads
- Compatible with the Playstation2, Playstation3, X-box, X-Box360, WII Gaming Consoles and PC’s
- Easy to assemble and disassemble
- Recommended drivers length: minimum 130cm - max 200cm
NITHO is proposing also a flight simulator cockpit called “FRECCIA”: same professional seat powered, in this case, with all the needed decks to host joysticks and flight controls. Here comes also the extra and special accessories: “CAMBIO”, to host gear for “CORSA”, and “VISIO”, that is a TV/Monitor shelf to create a really deeply immersive driving solution. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the race!

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  1. wow!!!lo voglio!!!
    io ho il volante sempre della nitho drive pro e mi kiedevo xrò se fosse compatibile con questo.
    e poi nn è ke ha magari un cambio marcia a parte?

  2. Ciao Matty !

    si si è compatibile ! , non c’è il cambio per il drive pro integrato, ma per il cambio abbiamo questo accessorio a parte , dai un’occhiataa questo link ! :

    Buon pomeriggio !!!

  3. tra quanto tempo sarà disponibile in negozio?
    nitho fate una patnership con amazon per vendere li i vostri prodotti!

  4. Buonasera Stefano !

    in negozio saranno disponibili da settembre/ ottobre in poi per la stagione natalizia, stiamo perfezionando con un grande retailer on-line.


  5. Hi,

    Where can I order a Nitho Cambio from? I cannot find them anywhere!

  6. Hi wes ! where are you from ? we must have a look at your zone if it is supplied from our local distributors


  7. Salve, dove si può acquistare online il Nitho Freccia per simulatori di volo? Attualmente l’ho trovato solo in India e non fanno spedizioni internazionali……….

  8. Buongiorno,

    le ho mandato un’e.mail. purtroppo non facciamo per ora e-commerce


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